Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starting Divinity School

My friend, Lizzie, is starting Divinity School next week.  I'm excited, apprehensive, and jealous all at the same time--she is going to my alma mater, and I want to go back and take the profs I never had (either because they weren't there at the time or because I just never got around to one of their classes).  I want to go back and immerse myself in study and the life of a community like that.  But I realize that it would be different.  I'm more than 10 years older now than when I started...and the group of people I went to school with has also aged.  We were young then, and I wouldn't be a part of the "young" group now.

I don't know if this is more extended "sigh" or hopefulness that Lizzie will have a fabulous experience of her own that will be different than mine, but contain at least some points of contingency that will allow us to still connect.  

But what I am definitely at this time of the year is ready for the Church to receive all that wisdom and knowledge and energy it gets from people who are young and idealistic.  We need that constant infusion so that we don't get jaded and cynical or begin to capitulate to the "way things are".  

So cheers, Lizzie!  Let us hear from the far country often, and see the journey through the eyes of another even if we can't (and shouldn't) live that journey again.

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